Requesting UD Computing Accounts for Contractors and Guests

IMPORTANT - Contact the UDit Call Center at 937-229-3888 at least ten business days in advance to request a contractor or guest account.


Hosts may request a University of Dayton username and password for the duration of your stay on campus or your affiliation as a service provider for the university.

For new access: Complete the Non-Employee Personnel Action Form (PAF).

For modified access: Complete the Non-Employee Personnel Action Form (PAF) Modification.

Guests - self registered:

Campus visitors can self-register for temporary access to UD's wireless network. Visitor accounts are good for 7 days and access can be renewed using the same email address that was registered. If you need an account for more than 4 weeks, please contact the IT Service Center at 937-229-3888 for a sponsored guest account.

NOTE: The self-registration process requires a mobile phone number to fulfill UD's legal obligation of being able to identify users of UD's network.

Guests - sponsored:

  • Long-term - If hosting a campus visitor who requires long-term network access, request an account that will provide Internet access for the duration of their stay on campus.  

  • Conferences - Conference hosts may request guest accounts for UD conferences.

Sponsored guest access requests should be sent to at least ten business days prior to a guest’s arrival on campus. The e-mail should include the following information:

  • For individual guest access:

    • UD employee name and department hosting guest

    • Name of the guest

    • Email address for the guest

    • Contact phone number for the guest

    • Beginning and end date for access

  • For guest conference access:

    • Name of the conference

    • Number of accounts needed

    • Beginning and end date for access

    • UD employee host's name

    • A link to create accounts independently can be provided at no charge

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