Clearing a Web Browser's Cache and Cookies

Each time you visit a website, your web browser creates and stores data in the cache and cookie files.

Cache is a temporary storage area for website data and resources. Errors can occur when an updated website is accessed with outdated cache information stored on your device.

Cookies are small files containing website activity information and are created each time you visit a website. These files improve your user experience by remembering your website preferences and by providing content relevant to your location. However, over time this information reduces the speed of your browsing experience.

Clearing a web browser's cache and cookies is an important first-step for troubleshooting Internet browsing issues and improving browser speed and performance.

IMPORTANT: Be sure and close / quit the browser and restart it after clearing the cache and cookies.

Procedures for Clearing Cache and Cookies:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for iOS

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Safari for macOS

Safari for iOS


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