Scoring Services (Scantron)

Scoring Services provides assessment resources for faculty through scoring, grading and translating Scantron grade data in a variety of reports.

Service Details

  • Scoring Services are available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • During regular classes, Scoring Services will process forms within one business day. Some delay is possible during midterm and finals due to peak demand
  • Staff will wear face masks when in the office and when engaged with customers
  • Staff will wear gloves when handling scoring sheets
  • To allow safe distancing within the office, Scoring Services staff may be seated elsewhere within the office space. We are able to scan scoring sheets in multiple locations

Forms and Supplies

  • Supplies such as interoffice envelopes, pens and forms will no longer be available outside of the Scoring Services window. 
  • The Test Scoring and Analysis Request form is available online (PDF | Microsoft Word). Fill in instructor’s information, course code(s), and print this form to include with your submission
  • The log sheet will no longer be outside of the Scoring Services Window. Indicate your submission date and time on the request form.
  • Blank scoring sheets and extra large binder clips will be available for pick up from the Scoring Service window (MH 09)

Submitting Exam Sheets

To minimize handling and ensure good working condition of the scanning equipment, the following is required:

  • Include an answer key on top of each section of scoring sheets. All sections must have a corresponding answer key 
  • Bind the students' completed scoring sheets and answer key together using extra large binder clips.  Scoring Services staff can provide the appropriate binder clip, if needed.
  • DO NOT use paper clips or rubber bands. Paper clips can slide off and risk shuffling sheets. Both paper clips and smaller binder clips can damage sheets or curl sheets, which can delay processing or damage the scanning equipment.
  • All scoring sheets need to be submitted in envelopes and placed in the drop box below the service window. 

Receiving Your Results


  • All reports will be delivered to the instructor’s FERPA-compliant UD Google Drive
  • For more information about reports, see Scoring Services - Reports

Exam sheets

  • Scanned images of students' completed scoring sheets will be delivered to the instructor’s FERPA-compliant UD Google Drive
  • Students' completed scoring sheets will be sent to the instructor's +4 zip / campus address via campus mail in a secured envelope

For more information about using your UD Google Drive, visit the G Suite Learning Center.


Request a Scoring Services consultation appointment by emailing or calling 937-229-3888. Staff will reach out to schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting.

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