Forwarding Voicemail to UD Email

Forwarding your office phone's voicemail messages to University email is an option for working remotely.   When a message is saved to your voice mailbox, a copy of the message (an audio *.wav file) is automatically created and sent to your UD email account.  The original message is kept in your voice mailbox and can be retrieved by accessing your UD voicemail.
Example message sent to UD email:



  1. Click on the following link: IT General Help Request.
  2. Click on the Request Service link.
  3. In the Brief description of the problem field type the following:

    "Please forward my voicemails from extension 9-xxxx (your extension) to my UD email account"
  4. Click on the Request button.  A service request ticket will be created and you will be notified once the setup has been completed.


Discontinuing this option

Contact the IT ServiceCenter at (937) 229-3888 or submit a service request ticket stating that you no longer want your voicemail forwarded from your extension 9-xxxx to your UD email account


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