UDit Service Center Terms and Conditions

Shop Warranty

Services performed by TSS representatives are guaranteed for 5 days from the date the service was performed. This warranty applies to services performed to a machine for a particular symptom. If several symptoms are repaired, the Shop Warranty applies to all symptoms repaired. If your machine develops a new symptom within the 5 days, the new symptom will be treated as a new repair and incur charges corresponding with the repair type.  UDit is not liable for any damages occurring during hardware tear-down, installation of parts provided by customer, or assembly.

All payments are due in full via Flyer Express before the computer will be returned to the customer. If your computer is not retrieved within 120 days after notification of completion, your Flyer Express will be charged for the amount indicated above.   Retiree’s may pay with exact cash, check, or schedule an appointment to pay by credit card since there is no Flyer Express account.

Data Backup

While never our intent, diagnostic and repair services may erase or corrupt files on the customer’s hard drive; it is the customer’s responsibility to make and retain copies of all data and program files prior to requesting any service. When requesting data backup services, your signature on the TSS form or check-in of the machine indicates that all data on your computer is legally yours and not in violation of copyright or academic property laws.

Scope of Services

All service is good-faith best effort based on the condition of the machine.  Our technicians will make every effort to repair machines and provide requested services; in some cases, damages may prevent us from doing so.

Quality Control

An email with your ticket information will be sent to you upon check-in. This receipt is a formal record of the service agreement between the customer and the UDit Help Desk; in case of discrepancies, this receipt will be required to verify the original request.


Upon completion of service, any equipment not claimed within 120 days of first notification attempt becomes property of UDit.

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