Classroom Support Hotline Phones

Need our help right now? Pick up the classroom support phone near your classroom. No need to dial. We'll answer.

Hotline Phone

Available during the following hours:

M-TH: 8 am - 9 pm
Fri: 8 am - 3 pm

Hotline Phone Locations:

Building Location Closest Room
Science Center West Hall 025
Science Center Main Hall 066
Science Center East Hall 087
Science Center West Hall 128
Science Center Main Hall 146
Science Center East Hall 181
Science Center West Hall 217
Science Center Main Hall 248
Science Center West Hall 326
Science Center Main Hall 354
Frericks Center Ground Level 52
Frericks Center Basement 010
St. Joseph's Hall 2nd Floor Hall 231
Humanities Ground Floor 1
Humanities 1st Floor Hall 118
Humanities 2nd Floor Hall 201
Kettering Labs 2nd Floor Hall 203
Kettering Labs 3rd Floor Hall 303
Rike Center 1st Floor Hall 111
Rike Center 2nd Floor Hall 206
1700 South Patterson Blvd. 2nd Floor Middle M2245
1700 South Patterson Blvd. 2nd Floor Middle M2330
1700 South Patterson Blvd. 2nd Floor Middle M2045
1700 South Patterson Blvd. 2nd Floor South S2035

NOTE: If there is not a classroom support phone located conveniently near your classroom, you may dial 937-229-3888 from any phone to reach a technical support representative. 

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