Moving Files from a UD My Drive Account to a Personal My Drive Account

Personal or non-University files should not be stored on a UD Google Drive account and should be moved to a personal Google Drive account or an external personal storage solution. Storing personal files on your UD Google Drive account depletes your UD Google Storage quota and the files are deleted upon your departure from the University of Dayton.

NOTE: This process does not work for folders. Google does not allow you to make a copy of a shared folder. Folders must be recreated in your personal Google account.

  1. Share the appropriate UD My Drive file(s) with your personal Google Drive account.
  2. Open your personal Google Drive account.
  3. Click on the Shared with me link (on the left sidebar).
  4. Locate the files that were shared with you from your UD account.
  5. Select the file(s) and right click on one of the selected files.
  6. Choose Make a copy. Google makes a copy of the shared file(s) and places them in the root directory of your personal Google My Drive.  Each copied file will have the prefix "Copy" in the file name.
  7. Go back to your UD My Drive account and stop sharing the file(s) with your personal Google Drive account.
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