Call Forwarding


Use Call Forwarding to send incoming calls from your desk phone directly to another phone line (e.g. cell).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Call Forwarding steps will not work from a remote location.  They must be performed from your campus desk phone or by contacting the IT ServiceCenter at (937) 229-3888.  You can also open a service request ticket.  Another option is to forward your voicemail messages to your UD Gmail account:  Forwarding Voicemail to UD Gmail

Activate Call Forwarding

  1. Access the Feature List with the left or right arrow buttons on either side of the OK button

  2. Select Call Forward by pressing the button to its left (listen for dial tone)

  3. Enter the number to which calls should be forwarded (following appropriate dialing rules)

    On-campus numbers:  Dial 9 and the four digit extension.  Example: 9,1234
    Off-campus numbers:  Dial 8, 1, Area Code and the 7 digit extension.  Example: 8,1,937,229,1234

  4. Listen for the confirmation tone (three beeps)

  5. Observe the Call Forwarding indication at the top of the display (a bracket followed by two stacked triangles)


  1. Access the Feature List

  2. Select Call Forward by pressing the button to its left

  3. Observe that the Call Forwarding indication has been removed




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