Qualtrics at UD


This article contains information about your Qualtrics account, its appropriate usage at UD, and links to training and support materials.


All faculty, staff and students are licensed to use Qualtrics Core XM (Experience Management) platform, UD’s web-based tool for survey and assessment creation, data collection, and analysis for academic, research, and administrative activities. Our campus license does NOT include other specialized Qualtrics modules like CustomerXM, EmployeeXM, BrandXM, or ProductXM.


Visit go.udayton.edu/survey and login with your UD credentials.

Additional Information

Appropriate use of Qualtrics

If you plan on using Qualtrics to conduct an assessment project focusing on student experiences, Justin Keen, Director of Assessment and Student-Centered Analytics,  (jkeen1@udayton.edu) is available to provide consultation, training, and support and to help you coordinate the timing of your project with other projects across campus.

If you plan to use Qualtrics to conduct research, your study may be required to be reviewed by the UD IRB. Please review the IRB webpage (go.udayton.edu/irb) and reach out to the IRB (irb@udayton.edu) for more guidance if necessary.

When to use Qualtrics Over Google Forms

Qualtrics is a complex and feature-rich survey tool with a moderate learning curve requiring some time investment to learn. Still, it enables approaches that are not possible in Google Forms. Use Google Forms whenever possible when its features meet your project requirements. The University's Qualtrics license limits the number of responses allowed per year.

Google Forms is a compelling choice as it integrates with other Google services. The primary feature of Google Forms is your ability to limit participation to University of Dayton respondents and automatically and transparently collect the email addresses of those respondents.

Choose Qualtrics when you need advanced survey and research capabilities, including:

  • Advanced logic like question/section skipping
  • Alternative question types
  • Automated reports
  • Text response coding features
  • Additional user interface options
  • Workflows
  • Panels and directories

In some cases, faculty will have students use Qualtrics to learn the platform and become familiar with more advanced survey features.

Google Forms is ideal for creating straightforward surveys or questionnaires, especially for educational purposes and quick data collection. Google Forms does not require a significant time investment for learning, and it’s integrated with other Google services and tools.

Use Google Forms when you need to:

  • Create basic surveys
  • Limit participation to University of Dayton respondents
  • Automatically and transparently collect the email addresses of respondents
  • Collaborate and share data and form designs with other users


You can collaborate on Qualtrics surveys with individual users and groups in your organization. A Qualtrics Group is a set of Qualtrics users with access to a shared library of surveys, contacts, and other project data. Request a Qualtrics group

Support and Training

UDit provides general access support only. Qualtrics provides many training resources online, including the following:

When reviewing Qualtrics support and training materials, remember that UD is only licensed for the "CoreXM" module, which Qualtrics sometimes also refers to as the "survey" tool. 




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