Contract vs Expenditure

Is the University paying for a good or service? This is an expenditure that does not need to go through the TeamDynamix process. The person with the appropriate expenditure authority can go ahead with the purchase.  However, if the other party is getting more from the University other than just payment, the TeamDynamix
workflow should be used. Have more questions? Please consult our FAQ guide, which can be found here.

Contract Requiring Review Mere Expenditure (No Review Required)
An expenditure contract + exclusivity (that is, only use X for this type of service or product) An expenditure where only obligation on UD is to pay for the item.
An expenditure contract + cloud storage of UD information Hotel stay at a known hotel franchise (unless the hotel stay involves a UD student organization).
An expenditure contract + accessibility through UD website (public facing as well as internal facing) Booking of event space (unless in Europe, China, or other country that has enacted data regulations, and unless one of the add-ons in the left column applies).
An expenditure contract + a foreign entity is the other party Database access (unless database in turn receives UD information or requires access to UD systems).  As an example, a subscription to a magazine’s website to be able to look up consumer ratings on various items and services.
An expenditure contract + access to UD systems / facilities  
An expenditure contract + ability to advertise on UD space or sell their products in UD space  
An expenditure contract that is in the form of a lease for an “asset” (i.e., an individual item is worth ≥ $5000)  
An expenditure contract that includes extensive Terms and Conditions, such as insurance provisions or indemnity clauses.  




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