Finding and reviewing request in Teamdynamix

To review Request that has already been created go to your ‘Finance & Administration’ tab. If you have not added the ticket tab to your desktop it can be found within the ‘Applications Menu’


Once in your ‘Finance & Administration’  tab, on the left hand side ‘click’ the ‘Tickets’ option.

This will show you all active tickets. If you are searching for a specific ticket it will be easier to use a ‘Filter’.  

On the upper right-hand side of the newly populated screen will be the ‘filter’ button. ‘Click’ the

‘filter button’ to open up the ‘filter field‘.

Within the ‘filter field’ you can use multiple pieces of information to search tickets such as:

- Requestor- the individual associated with the Incident ticket.

- Responsibility- the individual who is responsible for the Incident.

To populate the previously mentioned fields use the ‘Magnifying Glass’ to the right the corresponding field. 

This will open a Search window (shown below) where you can search for the Requestor, individual Responsible for the Incident, or Group Responsible for the Incident.

Once you have entered the individual’s name or the group’s name (depending on the field you are trying to populate) ‘Click’  ‘Search’ this will populate all users meeting the entered information. To select a user ‘Click’ the ‘check box’ to the right of the user or group’s name. Finally, when you have located and filled in the check box be sure to click ‘Insert Checked‘ to add the information to the filter.

After populating all pertinent fields you may still need to modify the ‘Current Status’ of the filter in order to find your ticket. Initially the filter is set to:



-In Process (inactive)

-On Hold

But if you open the ‘Current Status’ field you can add:                                                                     



- Cancelled                                                                     


Once you have set up the filter for the ticket you wish to find click ‘Apply‘                          

This should populate the ticket you are searching for allowing you access for revision.




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