Using the Service Catalog to submit a service request or report an issue

The Service Catalog contains a variety of services from various departments (e.g. HR, Legal Affairs, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Learning Resources, UDit) and are available to University faculty, staff and students. Services include tuition assistance for dependent child or spouse, work and move requests, procurement and payment services request, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) token activation, voicemail password reset request, a general IT support request, and more.

Requesting a Service

Navigate to the UD Service Catalog by going to

  1. Click the Request a Service link on the Service Catalog Tools right sidebar or click on the services link within the bullet list of Service Catalog options or at the top of the screen.
  2. Browse through the service categories and click on a category name link. Each category has a short description and is named according to the type of services it contains. Some categories have subcategories with more services.

  3. Click on a service title link. Each service contains a service overview. If you selected an incorrect service, click on the Service Catalog link and locate the appropriate service.

  4. Click the Request This link and complete the form.

  5. Click Request. Your service request will be sent to the appropriate customer service representatives.
IMPORTANT: To avoid delays in service, do not randomly select and submit a form. Carefully read the form's description before making a selection.  This will ensure that the form is sent to the appropriate customer service representatives.


Searching for a Service Request

If you can't figure out where a service is located, use the search option.

  1. Click on the search bar.

  2. Filter the search to Service Catalog requests by clicking on the drop down list to the left of the search bar and selecting Service Catalog.

  3. Type an item that you would like to search for.

  4. Press the <ENTER> key on your keyboard or click the search icon.

Tracking a Service Request

Click the Sign In link located to the right of the search bar. Enter your University username and password and enter your 2FA (2-factor authentication) credentials.

The status of service requests can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link within the My Recent Requests sidebar.


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