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Don't use underlined words in copy (underlining is for links only), and use bold, italics and exclamation points sparingly.

Make use of links throughout the page - if you mention something on another Web page, lead readers to it.

Hyperlinks should describe where they're going; they shouldn't say things like "click here" or "more". See the Writing Content for the Web webpage for where this content came from.

Proofread and double-check everything before it gets published - spelling, grammar, names and links should all be checked.

Don't use bold or font size to imitate heading styles. Instead, apply Cascade's pre-formatted heading styles.

Sub Header h3

Use heading styles in descending outline order (H2 is a primary topic, H3 is a secondary topic, H4 - H6 are sub-sub topics).

Sub Header h4

Do not skip a heading level. For example, don't use H6 just because you like the appearance of it. H6 should only be used as a sub heading to H5 content.

Properly formatted headings improve scanability and accessibility.

To highlight...

Use the pre-formatted bulleted and numbered list styles available in Cascade. Do not create bullets or add list numbers manually.

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  • List item 3

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student

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