Report Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine Booster


UD students and employees should use this form to report they’ve received their COVID-19 booster and upload a copy of their vaccination record.

Proper documentation of COVID-19 vaccination is essential for determining the level of immunity in our community.

Information submitted by or about you will be treated with respect for your privacy. Only UD’s medical providers and those charged with contact-tracing and similar COVID-19 responsibilities will be able to see your vaccine status; all of those individuals have committed to keep such information confidential.

For certain activities for which vaccination status may be relevant, your vaccination status may be shared on a confidential basis. Additional information beyond mere vaccination status would not be shared.

To get started with reporting your vaccine, click the “Report Booster” button.

The COVID health reporting - vaccine team will contact you if there are any questions about the uploading of your vaccine card.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student
Report Booster


Service ID: 51475
Thu 12/16/21 2:30 PM
Thu 4/28/22 3:45 PM