Google Workspace Application Request

Service Overview

UD has deployed most Google Core Services: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, Sites, Chat/Hangouts, Meet, Jamboard and Keep. Dozens of Additional Services and hundreds of Marketplace Apps are also available as optional additions.  

Campus faculty and staff can use this form to request an Additional Service or Marketplace App be added to UD’s G Suite environment. See the additional Google services and apps already enabled at UD

Service and app requests will be evaluated by campus IT staff and others as needed, based on the service under evaluation (e.g., Legal Affairs, University Communications, etc.). Evaluations generally take 4-6 weeks and ensure the new tool:

  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Does not introduce problems with respect to security and privacy
  • Adheres to existing UD policies
  • Does not incur additional costs

With respect to Core Services, Additional Services and Marketplace Apps, it’s important to note:

  • There is no interaction of data between Core Services and Additional Services
  • Users may see ads in Additional Services and Marketplace Apps
  • Additional Services and Marketplace Apps are not covered by G Suite support terms and are not covered by G Suite’s uptime guarantee SLA        
  • Marketplace Apps are covered by the Terms of Service associated with each specific application.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Learn More 

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Google Applications Enabled at UD

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