UD 2FA Token Order

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Please note: You are ordering 1 Duo Hardware Token for 2-Factor Authentication at UD.
Your token will be ready for pick-up at the IT Service Center, 28 Anderson Center, in 7 days
Pick-up times (bring proof of ID):
Tuesdays, 2 - 7 p.m.
Wednesdays, 2 - 7 p.m.
Token User Agreement

This agreement covers the use of a University of Dayton DUO 2FA hardware token.  Please read the following user agreement, and check the box to confirm.


By accepting a University of Dayton DUO 2FA token, you agree to abide by these safeguards:

  1. You will keep the token on your person or in a physically secure area as you would with a key or ID card.

  2. You will not attach your password to the token.

  3. You will not share your University of Dayton username/password and token, or allow anyone to use your logged in session.

  4. You agree to protect student, employee, alumni, donor, and all constituent and institutional information and log out of protected systems if the computer is to be unattended.

  5. You will contact itservicecenter@udayton.edu or call 937-229-3888 immediately to report loss, theft, or misplacement of your DUO 2FA token.

  6. Upon leaving University employment, you will return the token to UDit Service Center.

NOTE: Lost, stolen, or damaged tokens must be replaced at user’s expense ($20 per token).

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