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Resources and important links for UD's Learning Management System (LMS).


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Isidore Learning Management System (LMS) will be replaced by Canvas during Fall 2024.

Isidore is UD's open-source Learning Management System or LMS built from a local instance of the Sakai LMS. Sakai was chosen for its community-minded design approach, vast and extensible toolset, as well as its ability to integrate with UD’s existing enterprise systems. Sakai offers significant enhancements to the way UD delivers online learning experiences that meet our current and future academic program needs.

Isidore is named after St. Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of students and recommended for patronage of computers and the Internet. The University of Dayton has been using Isidore since the Fall semester in 2008.


Use the following link to access your Isidore account:

Login to Isidore

Additional Resources

Center for Online Learning's Help Site



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