Procedures for use of Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) resources


Information about the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), a statewide resource providing supercomputing services and computational science expertise to Ohio university researchers and Ohio industries.



The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) is a statewide resource providing supercomputing services and computational science expertise to Ohio university researchers and Ohio industries.  OSC encourages its use in the classroom and for research endeavors.  Additional information about the OSC can be found at

University of Dayton faculty and researchers are eligible to use OSC resources. University users of the OSC are eligible for a $1000 credit each year.  Additional usage over the credit amount will be billed at published rates (see below). To encourage the use of OSC resources in the classroom, faculty can request an additional $500 credit for eligible classroom projects each semester.  

Effective July 1, 2021, OSC requires users to report student success or scholarship data in order to obtain the $1000 credit each year. The $1,000 annual credit for Ohio OCS users can only be used once a year and each OSC user is limited to one credit only. For detailed budget and project information, visit OSC’s information page.

Specialized High Performance Computing (HPC) services for Ohio researchers are also available.  Premium services include dedicated compute nodes for 24/7 access, elevated quality of service pricing to reduce job submission queue times, and advanced technical support for software development and code optimization.  Should you desire these services, contact the University’s Institutional Representative (IR), who will reach out to OSC to discuss possible charges.


  • OSC user:  Any faculty, researcher, or principal investigator in the domain.  All OSC users are eligible to receive the $1000 credit.
  • Institutional Representative (IR):  Primary University representative with the ability to monitor and approve usage by all University of Dayton OSC users.

OSC Application and Billing

  • Sign up for a project at Register with your email address to be eligible for the credit.
  • Classroom/Teaching related use of the OSC is provided at no cost to Ohio faculty.  However, this access must be requested with appropriate documentation. See the Classroom Project Resource Guide for more information. 
  • OCS’s system assigns a $1000 budget for the project. This credit / budget will expire on June 30th each year.
  • As the OSC user begins using the OSC, charges are incurred for computing and / or storage services.  See the current fee structure and related guidance
  • Usage monitoring: 
    • OSC will automatically email OSC users when they approach their $1000 credit.
    • UD’s IR will log into the system at least monthly to review usage and email the OSC user and their supervisor when remaining credit / budget reaches levels of $250 or less and again at $100 or less.
    • OSC users can log into at any time to monitor their usage.
  • OSC will submit monthly invoices to UD for charges in excess of $1000.  These will be processed through Runway by UD’s IR and charged to the FOAPAL or Costpoint Project/Organization/Account supplied by the OSC user and their supervisor.

Additional information

Learn more about the OSC at

For questions about OSC funding, contact UD’s Institutional Representative (IR), Angie Buechele, Director of IT Financial Management and Planning (, 937- 229-2946).



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