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Adobe Sign is a product for preparing and sending documents for e-signatures.  Once you set up your account, you can sign, create, and send documents from anywhere.

Acceptable Use

Use of Adobe Sign at the University of Dayton is limited to purposes of processing internal documents.

NOTE: Individuals can only sign contracts the University is entering into with outside entities if they have the signature authority to do so. If you are in doubt as to whether you have signature authority, please refer to the guidelines found here or consult with the Office of Legal Affairs.


  • Navigate to the University of Dayton Adobe Sign portal
  • Click on the Sign in using your University of Dayton credentials button to login.
  • Follow the instructions in this document to configure your account and prepare you to sign, create, and send agreements. 

Adobe Sign is a very user-friendly product. If you have questions about a certain field or setting, the question mark icons can provide helpful information. Instructional resources can be found on the Adobe Sign Support site and are easy to understand and navigate.

Additional resources

Instructions for UD account holders

Step 1: Verify profile information

  • Hover over your name in the top-right corner of the Adobe Sign window and click My Profile.

  • Review the information in the My Profile tab under Personal Preferences.

  • If anything is wrong, click the Edit button, make any necessary changes, then click Save.

Step 2: Create custom signature

  • Navigate to My Signature under Personal Preferences.

  • Under “Your Saved Signature:”, click the Create button.

  • Here, you can choose between three different options to create a signature.

    • Draw – Use your cursor to draw your signature.

    • Image – Click Select Image to browse your computer for an image to upload and use as your signature.

    • Mobile – Type your mobile device number and click Send to receive a text message with a link to create your signature by drawing or uploading an image.

  • Click Apply to save your changes.

  • Repeat this process by clicking the Create button under “Your Saved Initials:”

Step 3: Configure event/alert settings

  • Navigate to My Events/Alerts under Personal Preferences.

    • These settings apply to Agreements for which you are the Sender.

    • Check the boxes according to your preferences.

  • Navigate to Shared Events/Alerts under Personal Preferences.

    • These settings apply to Agreements which have been shared with you.

    • Check the boxes according to your preferences.

Step 4: Tutorial videos

Visit the following tutorial videos for helpful, concise instructions on how to perform some additional fundamental tasks in Adobe Sign:


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