AllClear’s Identity and Credit Monitoring Services

AllClear’s identity and credit monitoring services are available to those affected by the Anthem data breach through their site. Anthem and AllClear are taking a slightly different approach to extending protection to the affected. Instead of requiring the 80 million affected to do anything or provide any additional information that they might not feel comfortable providing, especially at this time, they are extending two years of basic ID repair coverage to everyone affected. Nothing anyone needs to do. If at any time during the next two years your ID or credit is misused, you can call up AllClear and their experts will work to fully restore your identity and clear any fraud from your records.

If you’d like something a bit more proactive, AllClear offers their AllClear Pro service (at no cost) where you will receive the following additional services:

  • ID Theft Monitoring - Alerts consumers when stolen identity information is detected and reported to AllClear ID via partnership with the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) and IFA.

  • Credit Monitoring - Alerts consumers of important changes to their credit file via single bureau monitoring.

  • Secure Alerts - Secure and actionable alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

  • Lost Wallet Protection - Licensed fraud investigators expedite cancelling and replacing credit and debit cards if a customer’s wallet is lost or stolen.

  • $1M Theft Insurance - Zero deductible policy provides reimbursement of certain fees, lost wages, and fraud losses related to recovering their identity.

  • Child ID Protection - Scans databases to find out if thieves are using a child's Social Security number and fully repairs the child’s identity if any issues discovered.

If these are of interest, you will need to go out and subscribe. The Anthem website above will direct you to where you’ll be asked for your name and email address. If you’d like to subscribe family members, you can provide their names and email addresses here as well. Each will receive a separate redemption code via the email address provided. Follow the link in the email, enter the redemption code and provide any additional information (to include social security number) that they ask for. Again, you don’t have to enroll to take advantage of basic ID repair services, just the additional, proactive services.

On a separate note, while Anthem has warned us about emails, phone calls and letters from fraudsters trying to take advantage of the breach, the company is still sending out legitimate statements, audit requests, etc. If you get an email, letter, phone call, etc. that you aren’t entirely comfortable with, it’s best to contact the institution directly using known good contact information such as can be found on statements or a company’s official website. If you do determine that the activity is fraudulent, please let us know so that we can share it with the rest of the community. If you haven't already done so or want a refresher on what you can do to monitor and protect your identity and credit, please visit

Please contact UD's Benefits Manager (937-229-2538, or stop by HR’s offices in St Mary's if you have any questions, need help signing up or would like to discuss the breach or these services further.

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