Equipment Loan Policy

Control of University Equipment and Materials

  1. Equipment or materials, which are part of the inventory of IT Services, are not to be used for personal use.

  2. Equipment and materials are primarily to be used by faculty, administrators and staff. Student requests cannot be honored at this time.

  3. Equipment which is taken off campus for non-academic use is not covered by UD's insurance policy and therefore the borrower will be responsible for replacing the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

  4. Faculty and staff accept the responsibility for the care and safety of the equipment while in their possession.

  5. Faculty and staff who fail to take proper measures to ensure the safe return of equipment in a timely fashion may lose borrowing privileges, face fines for damages, or be required to pay for the replacement of the equipment (so please be careful with it!)

  6. Equipment requested for non-academic use will be subject to rental fees. A University account number is required for these requests.

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