Creating INTERNAL Knowledge Base Articles

This article is for IT technicians who are responsible for creating and submitting Knowledge Base articles for internal usage. For specific layout and design guidelines, consult the Knowledge Base Style Guide.

  1. Go to the Service Catalog.
  2. Click the Knowledge Base link.
  3. Click Sign In and use your University username and password.
  4. Click New Article.
  5. Click on the Category field and type INTERNAL.
  6. Choose the INTERNAL: IT Service Center category.
  7. Enter a Subject title using the INTERNAL: prefix. For example, INTERNAL: How to Install and Activate Windows.
  8. Enter the contents of the article within the Body field. Consider applying the UDit KB Article Format template for consistent style formats. Consult the IT Knowledge Base Style Guide for additional information.
  9. (Optional) Article Summary.
  10. DO NOT apply Tags.
  11. Use one of the following Status selections:

    Not Submitted - For articles that are in development / in progress

    Submitted - For articles that are ready for approval
  12. Enter a review date (one year from the article creation date).
  13. Choose the appropriate owner or group.
  14. (Optional) Select Notify Owner on Feedback if you would like to be notified of article comments.
  15. (Optional) Subject Matter Expert is the Service Center Manager or UDit staff member who is essentially the “go to” person for the subject / topic.
  16. Click Save.
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